The Birth of an Award Winning Chapter

EtanuLogoIn the early spring of 1968, Brothers Clifford Dudley, James Jones, Edgar Mills and Joseph Smith discussed the logical idea of establishing a graduate chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity in Pompano to stimulate the community with the spirit of manhood, scholarship, perseverance, and uplift.

A survey was made for other brothers in the city to participate in the framework of establishing a fraternity in the community. The very capable Brothers who were unified and determined in the pleasurable task of assisting in this endeavor to help Omega work: Brothers Robert Bailey, Felix Evans, William Howard, Jimmy Lamar, Kenneth McDonald, Calvin Taylor and Ola Williams. After many conversations and discussions with the community leaders, a favorable reaction was received for the need of a fraternity to improve the cultural aspects of the community.

To obtain the necessary information to get a charter, Brother Clifford Dudley accepted the responsibility to communicate with National Headquarters. On April 5, 1968, Brother Dudley wrote for an application. After receiving the form, all Brothers were contacted to meet at Brother Dudley’s home on June 8, 1968, for the first organized meeting of the brothers to handle information that was of paramount importance to all. The purpose of this meeting was to ascertain from each brother on his status with National Headquarters and to complete the application for a charter.

The application was forwarded to the District Representative, Brother McMillian, June 17, 1968, for approval. It was approved and forwarded to the National Headquarters in Washington, D.C. After the application was re-examined very thoroughly by the National Headquarters, Brother McMillian was asked to investigate the availability of another graduate chapter in the South Florida area.

After many meetings with the State Representative, Brother Bridwell, and the First Vice District Representative, Brother Braynon, the Brothers of Pompano justified why a chapter was needed in the community and it could propagate the principle on which Omega Psi Phi was founded.

On June 11, 1969, the Supreme Council of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity established Eta Nu Chapter to the Brothers of Pompano Beach, Florida.


First Officers:

  • Basileus Ω Brother Clifford Dudley
  • Vice Basileus Ω Brother William Howard
  • Keeper of Records and Seal Ω Brother James Jones
  • Keeper of Finance Ω Brother Joseph Smith
  • Dean of Pledgees Ω Brother Jimmy Lamar
  • Dean of Pledgees Ω Brother Calvin Taylor
  • Parliamentarian Ω Brother Kenneth McDonald
  • Chaplain Ω Brother Edgar Mills
  • Keeper of Peace Ω Brother Felix Evans